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Drug Attorney

When you’re charged with a drug crime, your choice in an experienced San Diego drug attorney matters. The war on drugs is a serious one; especially in the state of California. Too often, those offenders who are charged with relatively minor drug offenses end up paying a stiff penalty. James B. Rudolph is an experienced drug charge lawyer who knows how to protect your rights. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, he can help make sure the punishment doesn’t surpass the crime.

Drug Possession

Illegal possession of a controlled substance like cocaine or opioids can lead to possession charges. What many people don’t realize is that having prescription drugs in your possession when you don’t have a valid prescription can lead to the same charges and punishment. Another scenario that puts you at risk of a drug possession charge is being under the influence. Even if you don’t have any of the substance in your possession, having it in your system is still considered drug possession. Charges range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the circumstances of your arrest.

Drug Trafficking

You don’t have to be the head of a large drug ring to get arrested for drug trafficking. If you transport, sell, import, furnish or give away any illegal drug, you are susceptible to charges of drug trafficking. The severity of the crime makes it essential to call a drug defense lawyer right away.

Drug Smuggling

Smuggling drugs falls under California’s strict distribution laws, which broadly includes selling, transporting, transferring, or importing a controlled substance. This includes smuggling drugs from county to county. To prosecute you for drug smuggling, the prosecutor must prove you intended to sell or distribute the drugs to others and that they weren’t just for personal use. A drug lawyer will help minimize your charges and get you the best possible results for your case.

Intent to Sell

If you are in possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell them to others, you can be charged with intent to sell. This type of drug charge differs in the ways that prosecutors can investigate it and gather proof. Don’t take a chance on paying the ultimate price for your crime by failing to get the right drug attorney to help minimize your charges.

Drug-related charges of any kind often depend on the drug involved and other factors of the case. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your drug charge case. Don’t risk paying a higher price than you should for your drug charges.

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