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James Rudolph

Abogado James Rudolph

James B. Rudolph  graduated from Washington University’s School of Law. Washington. He has decades of experience helping thousands of Mexicans and Hispanics in immigration matters, as well as in other areas that tend to be difficult to resolve because of language and cultural barriers.

James and his team are not only qualified to help their clients with these kinds of issues, but they are also very aware of the everyday reality they experience because of their immigration status.

Our team is comprised of professionals from both sides of the U.S. and Mexico Border. We understand what it means to live in a border region and we also pride ourselves on a great sense of empathy and compromise, thus, every time we work to solve your immigration, family or criminal issues, we do so as if they were our own.

In 1990, together with his wife, who was born in Mexico, James saw an absence of attorneys helping the Latino community in California. Back then, they were dealing with the need to carry out an immigration procedure which led them to begin that very “first” case. Since then, they continue working hard and have thus gained more than 30 years of experience in helping the immigrant community both within and outside the U.S.A.