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Our attorneys and their legal team in San Diego and Tijuana work hard to provide an excellent experience in each of the immigration processes, giving the advice necessary to our clients, as we know that each procedure is different according to him / her applicants. We provide 100% personalized attention, with human quality and professionalism. At Rudolph, Baker & Associates we will help you every step of the way. In the same way we know and we know the needs of the immigrant community, that is why we have implemented flexible payments so that it is adapted to family expenses, this in order to continue supporting each of our clients and their family environment.

The petition


Or also known as I-130, this process is the beginning of the entire immigration procedure by which an American citizen or legal permanent resident can request a relative to immigrate to the United States of America.

Consular appointment

After the I-130 process has started or the petition is scheduled an appointment for a consular interview, where previously the paperwork is in our hands in such a way that our clients do not worry about anything because our legal team gives them everything necessary in documentation and advice for a successful appointment.

Adjustment of status

This is a procedure by which you can apply for a legal permanent residence status while being within the United States, this means that it is not necessary for the applicant to leave their country of origin to obtain residence. (Find out if you are applicable to this procedure).



The Immigration Law has two types of student visa available: the first type is granted to people whose purpose is academic studies; and the second type that is granted to those who do not have the purpose of carrying out academic studies but only vocational studies. If you want to know what type of student visa best suits your interests, do not forget to consult an expert before starting your process.


(Visas K)

The fiancé (or K-1 visa) is technically a non-immigrant visa but with the particularity that its purpose is for those engaged (in which one must be an American citizen) to marry without having to leave the United States territory to subsequently obtain the status of lawful permanent resident of the United States.

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