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​James B. Rudolph is the founding attorney for the Rudolph, Baker & Associates law firm based in San Diego, California.


    →Graduated from the University of Winconsin in 1981, with a major in accounting and finance.

    → Graduated from the Washington School of Law School of Law in 1984.

Professional experience

  → From 1984 to 1987 he worked in Washington DC at two different corporate and securities law firms.

  → He is currently a founding attorney and principal partner of the Rudolph, Baker & Associates law firm with offices in the United States and Mexico.

  → Likewise, Lawyer James B. Rudolph is the official immigration attorney for the Univisión San Diego and Telemundo 33 channels.

 → Attorney James has handled numerous criminal and immigration lawsuits, including those before the Office of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and Petition for Review of the 9th Circuit.

Member and Participations.

→ In 2009 he was a lobbyist for Immigrant Rights in the US before the commission on Immigration Affairs in the Federal Congress of Mexico.

→ He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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James Rudolph

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