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Any vaccine will be accepted to cross into the US: SSa

Health authorities commented that the White House issued a statement indicating this

Faced with doubts about whether the United States would allow Mexicans vaccinated with Cansino and Sinovac, enter its territory once the restrictions on border crossings between this country and Mexico have been lifted, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, said that this would no longer be a problem.

According to the head of this agency, the White House issued a statement stating that the type of vaccine applied will not be considered as a factor in determining whether the crossing into your country is allowed.

Rather, it will be taken into account that they are vaccinated against Covid-19. "Vaccinated with whatever, ok, it goes inside, not vaccinated, let's see," said Pérez Rico, who added that even the Chinese Cansino vaccine will be valid, like that of any other pharmaceutical company, to enter the neighboring country.

He also mentioned that another aspect that is being considered is herd immunity, "if a state reaches herd immunity just like its citizens (those of the United States) because the limitation to cross since they no longer have it," he commented. .

However, he said they are waiting for expert groups from Mexico, the United States and Canada to meet to determine the guidelines for the reopening of the border.

It is worth mentioning that the statement mentioned by the Secretary of Health has not been shared in the official White House media.

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